NAS’s mandate is founded to provide an unrivaled human resource expertise for the exclusive needs of our clients in supply chain management.nooralsalam

Corporate visions are achieved only when companies can efficiently manage change. To NAS, this means placing the right person in the right position, with the right company. We believe this can only be achieved by building effective relationships with our partners - constructing strong foundations of trust and business-prone missions. From this strong foundation, we are committed to building the alliances needed to create an atmosphere that will guarantee your organizational success. At NAS, we work together with our clients so that we can utilize our highly specialized, customized and confidential search capabilities on your behalf based on strong communication and trust.

From under one roof, we offer both strategic and confidential services that are outstanding in terms of quality and price and that span the entire value chain system. As a result, we not only enable our customers to open up to newer ideas of business, but also help them to achieve efficiency gains and sustain growth.

NAS- Noor Al Salam literally means Enlightened Salutation.

NAS in a nutshell is supremely results oriented management Recruitment Company based at Sharjah, U.A.E. Having claimed so, we are an eminent provider of manpower recruitment, staffing and employment solutions worldwide and cross-trained to help clients achieve greater organizational performance by assessing, recruiting, developing and engaging the best and brightest people for their business.

Our quest that was started as a Recruitment company providing  all types of workforces to the international job market (especially Gulf Countries and far East) for the last two decades has grown rapidly over the years and now  nine other companies of related businesses have been established under the NAS brand .  We have our own office and training centre in Nepal and are associated with manpower recruitment agencies in India, Pakistan, Srilanka and Bangladesh; but we still crave for more and continue to strategize further plans to increase our global presence.

 We have developed NAS as a brand strategy to cover various market niches and provide optimum satisfaction to our clients

Brand building with full effort

Our world-class standards and global perspective, in delivering innovative and effective solutions, ensures our customers’ worldwide competitiveness.

At NAS, we are committed to working with our customers to establish a solid relationship, which cultivates the requirements for creative leadership, compelling visions, inspiring missions and constancy of purpose.

We not only understand the immediacy of your personnel requirements, but we have the experience, knowledge and systems to respond quickly, effectively and in a highly confidential manner.

The hallmark of our service is the in-depth recruiting expertise that we bring to every search assignment. It is this custom search capability that is tailored to your unique requirements.

our effective misson and vison

NAS as a brand allude to the company’s strategy and communicate it in a focused and convincing way to the outside world. It personifies the commitment and expertise with which we want to help our customers to succeed.

bullet We are committed to improving the over all quality of business of the companies we serve. We do this by striving for global competitiveness in the recruitment business sectors in which we operate. Our practice to work not only as a part of our client’s industry but also as a catalyst to fulfill their all kinds of recruitment and so related needs have evoked trust among both parties.

bullet We are committed to protecting this heritage of providing unparalleled and superlative service with trust through the manner in which we conduct our business.

The beginning of NAS as a brand and as a group of companies was initiated through a modest step. NAS’s primary days prelude from one company at U.A.E. operating as a recruitment agency. But as the years passed by, our dream to grow and desire to-do-more gave birth to a vision that was close to our heart.  We faced different phases of new and challenging opportunities and never let go of our destiny and achieved what was destined to be ours.

As a result, in Today’s time   NAS  brings  together  9  Companies,  which  directly  and  indirectly  cover a wide array of recruitment management activities having  represented  various  companies  in  Nepal, U.A.E. and Doha including our associate’s offices in India, Pakistan, Srilanka  and  Bangladesh . Still NAS continues to expand organically and through acquisitions, building on what is already one of the most impressive global networks.

global business network

NAS covers the entire value chain associated with manpower recruitment solutions and all those areas which are related to it.